Callebaut CW2 white 2500 grams

  • kr 700,00
  • 10 Igjen

Recipe N° CW2

Ideal for moulding big hollow figures and ganaches.
Recipe n° CW2 is based on one of Callebaut®'s classic white chocolates – the W2, yet contains about 3% less cocoa butter and milk fat which makes it less fluid. It has a balanced creamy and milky taste, topped off with pleasant vanilla notes.
Thanks to its less fluid texture, recipe n° CW2 is your ideal chocolate for moulding medium and bigger size hollow figures in one go.

It is also the perfect white chocolate to create ganaches and fillings with a creamy taste and smooth mouthfeel.
Since this chocolate is easy to pair with a wide variety of exotic fruits, citrus and acidic fruits and berries, peppery spices, beers, etc., it enables you to exploit all your creativity and imagination in creating ganaches with your personal flavour signature.

Bean origin

Mainly West African cocoa beans, mostly Forastero variety